Our Team




After graduating from the Université de Montréal (B.Sc., Industrial Relations), Mtre Brais went on to study law in 1984 at McGill University, earning her degree in 1987.

Her background in labour relations soon led her to represent clients before administrative tribunals and to negotiate collective agreements. After she was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1988, Mtre Brais chose to practice family law and, in 1993, founded the firm that was to become Brais & Associés.

As executive director of the firm, Mtre Brais handles mostly complex cases.

Since 1988, Mtre Brais has gained extensive experience in family litigation. Over the years, she has pleaded both in Superior Court and the Court of Appeal numerous divorce cases involving elements of commercial law, private international law where foreign procedures and laws come into play, specific problems related to patrimonies by appropriation (various trusts), estate planning, reconstitution of real income following the exposure of hidden sources of income or assets, foreign assets or secret agreements.

In addition, Mtre Brais has handled complex child custody cases involving such wide-ranging problems as parent alienation, relocation of the custodial parent, child kidnapping or child abuse, during which an array of experts were required.

Her experience, creativity and persistence have also benefited her clients by reaching out-of-court settlements through direct negotiations or numerous Settlement Conferences with the Superior Court and Judicial Mediations with the Court of Appeal.

Mtre Brais has been involved with the Bar of Montreal, as a member of the Comité de liaison avec la Cour supérieure en matières familiales, from 2006 to 2009, and as chair, for two years, of a subcommittee on Safeguard Orders.

Mtre Brais is also a member of the Canadian Bar Association. She is perfectly bilingual.




A graduate from the Faculty of Law of Université de Montréal in 2009, Mtre Fauvel joined the firm in 2009 and assumed an attorney position in 2010.

Mtre Fauvel represents clients before the Superior Court in all matters relating to divorce, child custody, child support and spousal support.

She also works closely with Mtre Brais in complex files. Together, they form an exceptionally performant team in trials involving intricate issues. In addition, Mtre Fauvel excels at drafting factums for the Quebec Court of Appeal as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.




A member of the Quebec Bar since 2011, Mtre Stephanie Douville practices in the fields of family law and civil litigation. Her expertise extends to all legal issues arising from a divorce or a separation. Mtre Douville also advises and represents clients in a wide range of contentious matters, including contractual recourses and claims for hidden defects.

Mtre Douville is known for her capacity to define legal problems. Her dedication, deep insight into client’s needs and strong analytical skills enable her to provide valuable legal advice with respect to both litigious strategy and negotiated agreements.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law of Université du Québec à Montréal in 2010, Mtre Douville joined the firm of Brais & Associés in 2018 and is a member of the Association des avocats et avocates en droit familial du Québec.

Mtre Douville practices law in both French and English.




Mtre Charlotte Dahak-El-Ward holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Quebec in Montreal, where she earned a mention on the honor roll of the Faculty. Mtre Ward was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2017. Prior to joining Brais & Associés, she worked at a civil and family law firm. 

Mtre Ward’s practice is devoted to family law and she regularly represents clients before the Superior Court in cases of divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, and other monetary claims. 

Her passion, professionalism and determination allow her to meet the needs of our clients and to rigorously defend their interests. 

She is a member of the Association des avocats et avocates en droit de la famille du Québec (AAADFQ) and of the Montreal Young Bar Association.

Me Ward is fluent in French and English.  


Legal Assistant


Dominique Leduc is Mtre Brais’s legal assistant. She also provides support to the firm’s lawyers. She acts as a front-line resource for anyone who contacts the firm to hire the services of a lawyer and is responsible for general office organization.


Law student

Kimberly joined the Brais & Associés team in 2019 and works as a law student. She is currently completing her law degree at Université de Montréal and will graduate in 2021. Prior to starting law school, Kimberly studied international relations and international law at Université de Montréal, where she earned a mention of excellence for her academic record.


Law student

Nathan joined the Brais & Associés team in 2020 and works as a law student.  He is currently completing his law degree at McGill University. His student work has been recognized for its excellence – he received a prize for the highest mark in Foundations of Canadian Law, a mandatory first-year course at the faculty. In addition, he has volunteered with the Legal Information Clinic at McGill. Nathan also holds a Bachelor of arts from the University of Calgary (with distinction), with a major in French language and literature and a minor in linguistics.  



Rollande Parent is the firm’s finance coordinator. She is responsible for client billing and the firm’s accounting. She also oversees the relationships with suppliers and clients.